Adel İnox Dış Tic. A.Ş.

Adel inox is one of Turkey’s leading manufacturers of chimney and flue systems for exhaust gases and ventilation systems covering all kinds of domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Adel inox product range includes 55 CE certified chimney systems covering all commercial and domestic applications. This wide range is complemented by self-supporting (free-standing) industrial steel chimneys up to 3 meters in diameter.

Adel inox offers its customers a wide range of high quality products, technical support for special projects, chimney sizing services and a modern and dynamic company structure that can meet the wide variety of chimney requirements needed in the market.

As ADEL INOX, we build our business understanding on these three main structures. We offer more effective and more efficient products to your benefit by redesigning our products according to current conditions and your needs and producing original products. While executing all these processes, while ensuring the continuity of production and product diversity, we are working to leave a more livable world to future generations with our goal of producing sustainable chimney solutions for a livable world from yesterday to today and tomorrow.