Self-supporting chimney systems are the type of chimney that should be used in places where the distance between the chimney and the building wall is more than 1 meter. Such applications are generally used in all applications where the boiler room is more than 1 meter away from the main building in industrial plants, factories, power plants, treatment plants, mass housing or shopping centers. They are free standing chimney systems that are anchored from the ground and built without leaning on anything. It can be manufactured as flanged or fully welded in accordance with H0 (zero) sealing class. The inner wall can be covered with rock wool or ceramic wool based insulation according to thermal conditions. It has low heat permeability. Since the temperature of the flue gas passing through it is not transmitted to the outside environment, condensation is low and chimney efficiency is high. The carrier outer wall is generally manufactured from St series black sheet material by calculating its thickness according to static conditions. Special paint application or stainless steel cladding can be applied to the outer wall to protect it from atmospheric conditions. The system can operate wet (W) or dry (D) up to 1000°C.