ADL-SW is a stainless steel single wall chimney system recommended all over Europe. It guarantees performance and safety in all kinds of chimney installations, arising from more than twenty years of production experience in the sector.

This system combines the quality of AISI 316L stainless steel with the latest production techniques. When AISI 316 L quality stainless steel meets with our modern machinery and production technologies, we encounter the SW system with very different usage areas. Chimney components are combined with longitudinal welding technology in a controlled inert gas environment. The special structure in the chimney connections makes this product usable for every projectable situation. Thanks to its 3-claw sealing gasket structure certified in accordance with EN 14241-1 norms, it provides a perfect sealing in positive pressure (P1) chimneys in terms of both waste gas and condensation water. It can be used without gasket in systems operating at negative pressure (N1).

It does not cause any problems depending on the temperature level. It has been tested up to 600 °C. V2 corrosion resistance, which has been tested in the laboratory, allows all kinds of installations working with liquid, solid and gaseous fuels.