ADL DW is an insulated chimney type that should be used in case the heat conditions cannot be met in chimney operating conditions.

The system is double walled. All surfaces in contact with the waste gas are made of AISI 316 L stainless steel. The outer walls, on the other hand, can be manufactured from AISI 304 (DW) or AISI 430 (ekoDW) stainless steel with a minimum thickness of 0.5 mm with glossy BA coating, depending on the request and project conditions.

25 mm or 50 mm thick mineral wool is used as insulation material between the two walls. Rock wool is placed between the inner and outer walls in a continuous and tight structure up to the muff part of the module. Thus, since the inner and outer walls are connected to each other, the static and mechanical strength of the chimney increases. Since metal fasteners are not used between the two walls of the chimney, a homogeneous thermal insulation is provided from the boiler flue connection to the chimney cap without creating thermal bridges.

The system is designed to compensate for thermal expansions within itself.
Since the flue gas temperature passing through the system is not transmitted to the outside environment, the condensation rate is low, the chimney efficiency and fuel savings are high.

Chimney components cut on special CNC benches are combined with continuous TIG and LASER welding technology. Thanks to the special bell structure in the chimney connections, the elements that make up the chimney are connected to each other in a way that provides perfect condensation water and waste gas tightness.

The muf (female/male) system, which is in different directions on the outer and inner walls, provides perfect insulation and waterproofing, and guarantees that the product performance and mechanical properties are preserved unchanged over the years.

Thanks to the external connection clamps used at the joints, tightness and strength are maximized.

The product can also respond to aesthetic needs with painted or outer copper models in the desired RAL code according to the customer’s request.

Double-walled chimney systems should be used in all cases where flue gas temperature conditions are not met and unintentional touch temperature standards cannot be complied with in the section calculations made according to EN 13384 -1 and -2.